Proof that Off-Broadway's "Frankenstein" was written by Frank Wildhorn

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1. Christianne Noll is in it.
2. I think Hunter Foster is actually singing a cut Jekyll-and-Hyde song.
3. Nobody's ever seen Frank Wildhorn without facial hair. Maybe he shaved... meaning he could be any one of them!

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I saw it last week, and as soon as it began, I made my mental checklist:Drawn out minor chords to set the mood? Check.Nay-saying scholars that decry his work? Check.Belty I'M GONNA DO IT! Song? Check.Christiane Noll's Song of Love? Check.Christiane Noll's Song of Doubt? Check.Christiane Noll's reprise of one or both? Check.Secondary lower-class female who bites the dust? Check.And so on, and so forth.


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