An American Look at London has the first preview of rent.remixed sorta-reviewed. Now listen, Rent is a particularly flawed piece of theatre, so I'm not saying it's sacred because it sure could use a good rewrite. But of particular note:
  • "Angel is no longer a drag queen"
    • Really? Why?

  • "Act One ends with Christmas Bells. Act Two has Over The Moon/La Vie Boheme/I Should Tell You."
    • Interesting. I'd love to see this onstage to see how it works. On one hand, doesn't it ruin the perfection of Act 1 taking place all in one day? On the other hand, maybe that fixes act 2...

  • "Because they focused the adverts on a celebrity as Maureen, Over The Moon is 10 minutes long including a dance segment."
    • Hahahahahaha...

  • Mark, Mimi, Angel, and a couple of the ensemble had UK accents. Everyone else went American.
OK, this is a question for any Brits out there: When you're seeing an American-set show like this where some characters speak in Brit accents while some go American, is it weird for you? Or is it normal because the Brit accents are neutral to you and go away?

(I can't really relate because British accents are weighted here regardless of where a show is set. If a character here uses a higher class British accent, it denotes intelligence/wealth/stuffiness. If a character here uses cockney, it denotes that they're simple/poor/uneducated.)


Hey Gil,There's more scoop about this remixed Rent on the message boards (and Man In Chair).Seems this Mark is more A&F model than geek and the HIV/AIDS influence has been muddled to the point of exclusion.(But the cast is cute and sounds great!)I'm sure we'll hear (a lot) more in the days/weeks to come.
Either all Brit or all American would be great, but wouldn't a mixture be weird and jarring?


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