The Neverending Story... (la la la, la la la, la la la...)

Finally, somebody was smart enough to realize that The Neverending Story is prime material for a stage musical:

The beloved children's novel "The Neverending Story" will make its stage debut featuring music from the rock band Heart.

Seattle Children's Theatre will present the stage adaptation by David S. Craig as part of its holiday line-up.

Michael Ende adapted his novel for the popular 1984 screen adaptation, which has spawned several sequels and a large following.

The fantastic creatures of The Neverending Story will be created by puppet designer Douglas Paasch, with set design by Carey Wong. David Bennett will direct.

So what I can't figure out is why this is being relegated to children's theatre. In a world where witches belt while standing on a platform, and where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang makes you believe a car can fly!, why is it that nobody's throwing a gajillion dollars to make a visually elaborate broadway show of this? It's like a tourist goldmine.


Funny - Stage Entertainment, Europe's biggest company in musical business, lately announced that they were developing a musical based on the material. In german. I wonder wheather rock music is the right style for this story. Allthough it's probably better than having another "Dance of the Vampires" or "Elisabeth", which the german version is very likely to be...
I will be seeing this....hopefully i wont waste my 5 dollars!


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