What I Saw This Year

To give you an idea of how many shows I didn't Abridge, below is every show I saw this year.

I've italicized the ones I really should have made shorts of, but was too lazy busy to have posted yet. The ones I should have posted full-length abridges of are in bold. My new year's resolution is not so much to post more full-length abridges--because only so many warrant them--but to at least start doing more shorts.
  • Jan 5: Spring Awakening
  • Feb 7: Coast of Utopia Part 3
  • Feb 8: Follies @ Encores
  • Feb 12: Evil Dead the Musical
  • Mar 8: Pirates of Penzance @ NYC Opera
  • Mar 23: King Lear @ Public
  • Mar 28: Edward Scissorhands @ BAM
  • Apr 1: Di Yam Gazlonim
  • Apr 4: Les Mis
  • April 13: Lovemusik
  • April 26: 110 in the Shade
  • April 27: Some One Acts
  • May 2: Inherit The Wind
  • May 15: Radio Golf
  • June 9: Romeo and Juliet in the Park
  • June 13: Folksbiene Gala
  • July 19: Gypsy @ Encores
  • Aug 2: Escape from Bellevue
  • Aug 9: Seussical @... Theatreworks (too lazy to google?)
  • Aug 14: Frost/Nixon
  • Aug 17: Forbidden Broadway
  • Aug 19: Midsummer @ Shakespeare in the Park
  • Aug 22: Rent (Pascal/Rapp)
  • Aug 24: The Boy on the Other Side of the World @ Fringe
  • Sept 9: Other Bodies @ Flux Theatre
  • Sep 19: King Lear @ BAM
  • Sep 23: The Boy in the Bathroom @ NYMF
  • Sep 27: A New Television Arrives
  • Sep 30: Bernice Bobs Her Mullet @ NYMF
  • Oct 5: Maccabeat and Last Starfighter @ NYMF
  • Oct 18: Wolves in the Walls
  • Oct 24: Rock n' Roll
  • Nov 1: Richard III @ CSC
  • Nov 2: Cyrano
  • Nov 3: Young Frankenstein
  • Nov 13: Cymbeline
  • Nov 15: Festival of Lies @ BRIC
  • Dec 7: Pygmalion
  • Dec 9: Avenue Q
  • Dec 11: Is He Dead?
  • Dec 18: Little Mermaid
  • Dec 20: YellowFace
If it's any consolation, right now I have 2 1/2 normal-length abridges that I've written that I just have to edit before posting. I promise at least one of them posted before the year is out.


Are you really gonna do Avenue Q? I hope you have a good angle for that one, it must be hard.
No.I even promised Jeff Marx himself once that I would do it. And the answer is still no.No way.
Is Rent going to finally surface soon?
Is there a way for you to organize your shorts and add them to the navigation menu? Like I ~ Megan
That one's not even a short. That was just a blog entry. And the only one of those I did, I think.
I know you didn't see it, but I still think you should do one of The Pirate Queen. Ohhh, the Riverdancing.... and the Legolas lookalike.... Claire.


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