The last night of Drowsy

Oh Drowsy Chaperone. You only ran a year and a half, and I am absolutely positive it's because you had a shitty, shitty name.

So the girlfriend and some friends had always meant to but never seen Drowsy, and the decision was made to see it during Christmas week, when they had off.
I had already seen Drowsy once but having heard that it was closing on December 30th, we used a code (that wasn't accepted at the theatre but was still working just fine online) and attended the final performance of Drowsy Chaperone.

If you have never been to a final performance of a Broadway show (like I hadn't), you should really try it. I can only compare it to Rocky Horror, or the Previews of Producers or Spamalot where the audience was filled with nothing but fans. They applaud for their favorite bits, there's just a little bit of improv, and the ham is flying all over the dang place. It takes a show that's flawed but still kinda fun and makes it that much more enjoyable. True proof that a good audience can really be the thing that makes a good performance.

The best part: One of the gags is that one note before the end of the "musical", the power blows and the Super comes in to reset the breakers. So on the 30th, the super walks in through the darkness and when he finally turns the lights on, it ends up being Bob Martin, the original Man in Chair. Very funny.

So when I saw it with Martin, there was a moment where it looked like the Man in Chair and the Super had "found" each other, and a common love for musicals, and were about to kiss perhaps when Man in Chair slams the door. This time around, Bob Martin as the super mentioned a wife and no kiss was done. Was that because it was the final performance, or because Bob Saget (who was quite good, btw) played the part a little less gay and it was removed for him??


The Super always had a wife and always mentioned seeing musicals with her. They were never "about to kiss".
Then maybe it was just more of a moment where Man in Chair had finally found a friend? (Memory is obviously shaky.)


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