Will Shrek be any good as a musical?

Because it sure sucked as a movie.



Are you sure you're not thinking of the third Shrek? Because if you're thinking about the original movie, I'm sure that almost everybody would disagree with you.
I'm pretty sure that most people would disagree with me too. Still thought the thing was overrated.
It could be worse. They could have made it a jukebox musical...
As much as I like Shrek, I don't like the idea of it being made into a stage musical. At all.
I must say I do love Antonio Banderas as a little cat.OK here's my question: does anybody find they like Shrek more than, let's say, Aladdin?
Yes,Banderas is a great pussy.Aladdin? I can't remember if he even had a personality. All I can recall are his confused and scared facial expressions. I remember the bird though. It was Gilbert Gotfried right?I like the Shrek character, but don't want to see him in human actor form.
I actually meant shrek the movie vs. aladdin the movie, not the characters. But yes, watching a guy in a stupid costume doing his best Mike Meyers impression while singing his "I want" song called "Orges are like onions..."
A little part of me just died. No, make that a big part.


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