Young Frankenstein: Abridged

Cheap Tickets: Ha!

So part of the reason I didn't post this till now is because for a time there, I was supposed to do a "blogger's initiative" interview with a member of the cast (which never happened).

So apologies about waiting on this, but I usually prefer to bite the hand that fed me already, as opposed to the hand that is going to feed me. Ah well.

Do rest assured that not getting to hang out with Christopher Fitzgerald has nothing to do with the bitterness you'll find when clicking my ticket stub. No, the bitter taste is regardless of...


The only missing line was Susan Stroman asking Roger Bart to revive her Mike Ockrent to spin the magic he set for "The Producers" before he died.
Dude, that's harsh.Even for me.
I just stumbled on your site and read the YF "script". You are genius, and I think I just wet myself from laughing.Gerard Allesen-who?You have a new follower.Peace out.
Love it! I had a sinking feeling YF was doomed from the start. By the by, do you think you'll be posting your Rent abridged soon? Can't wait to read it!
@Anonymous: That's Gerard Alessandrini. He's a comic genius and I pale in his shadow.@Colleen: Sometime or other before end of month. Can't say for sure when.


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