Everybody gets to cast a show!

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So says the New York Times. Once again, Jason Robert Brown takes the cake:
My dream revival is for everybody who works in the theater who reads the Internet message boards — and we all do — to pick one person, the biggest jerk on the entire site, the person who hates everything, who hates it before he sees it, and sees it and hates it, and writes 200 posts a day about how much he hates it, I want to take that guy and let him pick whatever show he wants. We’ll give him everything, all the money he wants. He’s going to cast it. He’s going to direct it. ... And we’re going to watch it. That’s my dream revival. Failing that, bring back “West Side Story.”
Mr. Brown: I'm sorry to say that I don't write 200 posts a day.
But barring that, I'd like a revival of Last Five Years starring Raul Esparza and Kerry Butler.

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Wow, that is a very cool casting idea. They both bring the funny/smart/great singing/slightly edgy.


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