New "Hunchback" musical written by the guy who wrote "Come Sail Away"



This isn't too shocking/bizarre. Progressive rock lends itself well to theatrical orchestration, and Styx had a year of touring theatres, concept album work, etc. behind them.Now, this isn't to say that the show won't suck - it very well may - but I'm failing to see the issue problem with an established rock composer writing a musical. Shouldn't we be celebrating the continued re-bridging of popular and theatrical music?
@RZ: I'm all up for established rock composers writing a musical, and tend to enjoy the music from them more than other shows.I just like making fun of "Come Sail Away". Frankly, I can't think of the song anymore without Eric Cartman singing it in my head.
We are doing this show at ACTC (a new theatre company in orange county) i have the demo cd and the script but I have yet to listen and read them.
If I had to say what my problem with this is, I would tell you that it's still an abomination that the Menken/Schwartz score hasn't seen the light of day on a stage in America. But, of course, no one asked me.


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