Spamalot changes one lyric; decides this is worth writing an entire article.

And I apparently decided it's worth a blog post.

Old lyric to Diva's Lament:
I am sick of my career
Always stuck in second gear
Up to here with frustration and with fears
I've no Grammy no rewards
I've no Tony Awards
I'm constantly replaced by Britney Spears
Britney Spears!
New lyric:
My love life is a mess
I've got constant PMS
My career is about as hot as ice
They hate me there backstage
They say I'm too old for my age
They're trying to replace me with Posh Spice
With Posh Spice!
It's a good change; the Britney Spears lyric always felt cheap. The Posh Spice lyric is funny because it's what you least expect and it could really happen!

The lyrics to this song never really hit 100% for me. It was hysterical when Sarah Ramirez did it. But when I saw her replacement's rendition, it was clear that it wasn't the song that made this funny. It was the look of anger and desperation on Ramirez' face.


I don't understand Idle's comment about insulting the mentally ill or whatever. The original lyrics didn't mock or insult Britney, they just mentioned her name. It was just a pop culture reference.
I have to say, I liked the original lyric. Didn't love it, but didn't hate it.I understand why the change was made. Again, don't completely agree with the reasoning, but understand.However, I think the new lyric sucks.


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