Broadway Abridged is on Broadway Bullet's "Best Of" Album

The fantastic podcast Broadway Bullet has a great free digital CD available [i.e. download-able MP3s], which is filled with the 21 best live, in-studio performances. And as a special bonus track is the studio recording of Broadway Abridged Live! - Wicked. If you haven't yet heard the live version of my spoof, do listen. I'm pretty proud of it.

To get it:
  1. Log into If you've never registered, do so (Michael's a good guy, he wouldn't spam ya).
  2. After you log in, you will see a button on the top right of the website that says "Offers".
  3. Click on it to find the link to this CD, and check back often for other exclusive offers for registered Broadway Bullet users.
Note: Don't see the link to the CD? You may be using Firefox... try Internet Explorer. I let Michael Gilboe know, he's good at fixing that sort of thing pretty quickly.


Gil...pleeeease do another script? we know you're busy and all, and the old ones are very funny...but we need a new one. come on...In the Heights? Glory Days? the new Gypsy?
I'll make you a deal. Let me record these next two Broadway Abridged Radio podcast features, and then I'll get another print one.


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Volume 1: Even More Musicals comedy album available for sale on iTunes/Amazon.