Broadway is a bunch of jerks.

Because they made a stupid, stupid Shrek musical.

And then they put Sutton Foster in it.

And that made my girlfriend insist that I buy us some tickets today.

But what makes them really jerks is that they also put Brian d'Arcy James, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia, and Jennifer Simard in it. Which makes it possible for me to not mind that much about seeing a Shrek musical.

So. Jerks.

On the flipside, seeing Shrek in December has cemented our recent annual tradition of seeing a big overblown low-expectations high-budget musical on our anniversary. This one seems like a fantastic follow up to last year's selection of Little Mermaid. So yeah, traditions are important to me.


They've also put Jennifer Waiser, of Urinetown in it too.With music by Jeanne Testori. :(
I'm telling you Gil. Shrek is not going to be as bad as it sounds.And it sounds really bad.
You all are for more optimistic than I am.I look forward to your genuine review, Gil, and an abridgement, perhaps?-Wade
Tesori, so you know the score is going to be dreadfully uneven and wrong for that kind of musical. In interviews, she commented that she made it a "deep score". LMAO!! Total opposite of what Shrek should be!
As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as a wasted night in the theater. Even if the show is terrible -- especially if a show is terrible -- at least I get to blog about it and warn people of the pain and suffering that awaits. Watch for my review of Saved, for example. Oy.
I want to hear what you have to say about Saved... I saw it, and even if I had the time to abridge it, I wouldn't have wanted to take the time...
Sutton Foster rules!!!!!!
Thank you anonymous commenter #7. Very helpful.


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