Phantom 2: Electric something something

I do something sometimes. I think it's human nature; I pretend things aren't happening. I pretend things aren't so. I pretend that when Andrew Lloyd Webber's cat "destroys" some of the Phantom Sequel's score, it's really him just making excuses for not wanting to really write it. I lead myself into thinking that just because he intends to write this thing doesn't mean it's going to happen. Sequel musicals simply do not work, and even Andrew Lloyd Webber knows that, right?

So when he's insisting on a November 2009 London bow for Phantom 2: Once Upon Another Time, he's just pulling our chains. This is never *actually* coming out, right?




ALW has more money than God right now and can afford to put on flop after flop after flop, so I'm sorry to say I don't think this is a hoax.The good news is that if he tries to bring this over to Broadway they may shut down POTO and then, after the sequel undoubtedly flops, ALW won't have a stronghold on Broadway anymore. At least, not until the inevitable revival of Cats followed by the inevitable revival of POTO.
"Andrew? Andrew?" "What is it, God?""Andrew, can I borrow some money?" "What for?""I wanna slurpee." "Okay God, but soon you're going to have to figure out how to make money for yourself.""Okay Andrew...." (drinks slurpee)
I'm scared with regards to casting.
I'm scared with regards to everything about this. I mean, really, ALW? do you REALLY need to do this? I mean, can't you find something better to do? maybe a revival of Cats, and do a reality show to cast it!! call it something clever and witty, and make a bunch of people in London sing songs from your shows and then critique them!! it's GENIUS!!oi.
It's my opinion that ALW should have retired after POTO (only I like Sunset Boulevard and some parts of WiW and a couple of songs from Aspects). I mean, it's not like he needs more money. Speaking of know, it's often rich people who do drugs. Judging by his recent decisions, it's very possible ALW's on something, IMO. But that's just me.
I'm waiting for the Aspects of Love sequel - Aspects 2: Still F***ing!He's writing it in collaboration with Steven Sater.
The plot seems a bit August Rush but then again...that's the kind of thing people like seeing...? (sarcasm)
Oh, wow, the title actually is Once Upon Another Time? I thought you were joking with that, like the Electric Boogaloo thing.
Sometimes I wish I was joking when I'm not.


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