2 new Broadway Abridged Live Recordings coming soon.

Yesterday, three performers (Jake Friedman, Rachel Pincus, and Ron Varod) joined Michael Gilboe and I to do two more recordings of "Broadway Abridged: Live!' for the Broadway Bullet podcast. Might be another episode or two until they're broadcast, but I hope it'll be as much fun to listen to as it was to do. We did Les Miserables and Spring Awakening this time around... I think they'll air in that order. As per usual, the scripts are just a little different, with a few new jokes and some stuff you couldn't really do in "print" form.

When we were done with the Spring Awakening one, Ron picked up a guitar and we essentially "scored" the entire thing... hopefully you can catch when he basically breaks out into "I am barely breathing". And the ending is kind of perfect... I won't ruin that for you.

I'll post when Broadway Bullet broadcasts the episode with the next Abridged recording. I think neither will make the June 5th show, so the first of the two may not air until June 17th.


so excited for the SA one!!
You have no idea how exciting this is.Any new abridgments in the works?
I just saw passing strange last night.I would love to abridge it but for the life of me I have absolutely no idea how.I shall think on this...
Not to be a nag, but we are still waiting on the Rent Abridged (with special appearances by Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal).
It's half-done. Kinda pathetic... Act one is done since October.I will find the time to finish it, especially considering that I promised Michael Gilboe of Broadway Bullet we'd be recording that one in August.


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