Oh wow...

This morning my breakfast included a bowl of really surprised.

I mean, I know that Spring Awakening been on TDF forever, and that it's so easy to get discounts nowadays, and I haven't really been checking the attendance numbers. And I wasn't surprised to see the "economy" force the closing of Spamalot. But I did expect Spring Awakening to stay around awhile.

I suppose 13 won't be around too long either then, will it.


I know, it's so insanely popular...my guess is that the current cast (from what I hear) is not on par with the original apart from Hunter Parrish and Gerard Canonico, so people are getting disinterested.What surprises me is Whoaa. 7 shows closing in one season?? RENT, [title of show], Xanadu, Legally Blonde, Hairspray, Spamalot and Spring Awakening. Don't know if there's more. My first thought upon hearing it was, "Thank god for Billy Elliot, Hair and West Side Story then."And, I've never understood what makes 13 so attractive, other than "they're all kids!"
I'm very interested to hear your take on 13. I thought there was a lot in it to enjoy (especially if you turned your brain off), particularly the performances of those kids. However, I thought the plot and characters they created had greater potential than the musical lived up to.
I actually didn't see 13. I heard two reviews from friends--one who liked it and the other who didn't--and the one who liked it was actually the one who gave me a sense of why I wouldn't like it.I may still see it; it's a Time question at this point...
I knew that the show was maxing out at 65% capacity, and that with the economy the way it is it was only a matter of time before the show announced its closing, but that doesn't make the news any easier.I am so upset about SA closing. The show touched my life in so many ways that I can't even list.I give 13 two months. It's theater is only halfway filled most nights, and it's not JRB's best work, either.
my guess is that the current cast (from what I hear) is not on par with the original apart from Hunter Parrish and Gerard Canonico, so people are getting disinterested.Hunter, Gerard, and Alexandra Socha all absolutely destroy the original cast. The new supporting cast are bad by no means; it's just that the hype is over, so I guess fewer people are going to see it in general. The prehags have also fooled themselves into thinking that there was some lost OBC magic.
WAIT. Hairspray is closing too?GREAT. RENT's gone, Les Miz isn't coming back, Chicago's closing, and now Spring Awakening. And we get stuck with shows like 13 and Shrek the Musical. SHREK THE MUSICAL.Broadway is officially DOOMED. (At least West End still has Les Miz.)


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