That annoying girl from "Gilmore Girls" Cast in Guys and Dolls Revival

This girl. This annoying girl.

My fiancee occasionally watches this show to veg out. And as I stared at the screen in absolute speechlessness, even she was able to admit that this girl couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. It was like every moment she was onscreen, she was wearing a nametag saying "Hi! I'm Acting!"

I guess for Guys and Dolls, they're going to need to use a big cardboard sign, eh? Otherwise how are we going to be able to read it from the stage?

Seriously, people. One of the great comedic actress musical theatre roles, and this was the best we could do? Where's Sutton Foster? Kerry Butler? Kristen Chenoweth? Megan Mullaly? Mario Cantone? COME ON!


I might see this if Mario Cantone were cast as Adelaide.Also, FTA: didn't realize Des McAnuff was a Tony Award. Good for him.
Tony Award Des McAnuff (Jersey Boys, The Who's Tommy) will helm the revivalHahahahahahahahaha.....
Okay, so I don't really love Des McAnuff and I think both the leads are miscast... but I watched GILMORE GIRLS religiously for three years because I was in love with Lauren Graham, so I will be getting a ticket so I can ogle and drool live and in person.


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