In the Heights Movie

Universal Plans Silver-Screen Adaptation of In the Heights

This is actually one of those Broadway shows that I think could actually become *better* in a movie adapation.

I didn't say will. I said could.

With the right director, Rent should have been better as a movie than as a musical.

So let's see who's directing the film of this one...


Oooh, yes! I can see a fabulous film adaptation of In the Heights as well. Although I do admit that this came as a surprise....time-wise. Pretty quick to make a movie!
I hope they retain a good amount of the stage cast. I feel like they might cast a bigger name for Priscilla Lopez's role, but I really hope they keep her for the film! (But, that's mainly the Chorus Line fanboy in me...)
I actually think that this is not going to make a very good movie, but I hope that I am proved wrong.
I thought Rent onstage was absolute trash. I (grudgingly) saw the film about a year later and thought it was incredible.
You thought rent was better on film? First time I've heard that... I'm curious to hear your reasons.
Rent on film was...interesting. It was certainly made mass-market friendlier. But they cut the climax, and the character rhyme when they're talking...


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