New York City Opera Blows

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City Opera will no longer serve as the home for the aborning operas based on the film "Brokeback Mountain" and the life of late animator Walt Disney.

Appointed general manager and artistic director Gerard Mortier has departed his position at City Opera, ultimately taking with him the two works which he commissioned as part of his proposed programming, Variety reports.

Mortier hopes that the productions, both of which were to premiere at City Opera in the 2012-2013 season, will find homes elsewhere.

Congrats, City Opera. You were about to produce two possibly hilarious new comedic operas, and you pissed off Mortier and HE'S GONNA JUST TAKE IT WITH HIM SO HA!

What? They weren't comedic operas?

Nah. Silly.

1 Comment

I can hear the Mortier hissy fit: "Well, FINE. I'm just going to TAKE MY TOYS AND GO HOME!"Oh, to be in the room...


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