A Variety article about the upcoming Musical version of "Catch Me If You Can":
Though Shaiman and Wittman have telescoped the movie's storyline -- "We do not follow Frank Jr. to Europe," Shaiman says, referring to the lead character's myriad adventures -- they cleave to the film's essence and the Spielberg ethos as it resonates in his body of work.
So they've made the storyline shorter for the musical?
This interests me. Not that Catch Me If You Can was a particularly short movie (although it didn't feel long when I finally watched it last month in the comfort of my apartment), but isn't it usually the case where when turning a movie to a musical it needs to be "stretched", and when turning a book to a musical it needs to be telescoped?


I think part of the reason this makes sense, and the reason the film doesn't feel long despite its 141-minute running time, is because (1) so much happens and (2) it all serves the story and/or the characters. Also, the movie was itself based on a book, so there you go. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.
It sounds like a good idea to me. The movie needs to be streamlined or there wouldn't be room for the songs. Even using "montage" songs and such, there's so much that goes on that there wouldn't have been space. I trust Shaiman/Whitman to do what they need to do. Unlike, say, "Young Frankenstein", "Hairspray" improved on the movie and took it in a new, different, and definitely enjoyable direction.
Well put, Ro Wi Jo, it just sounds more like a typical book adaptation. I have faith in Shaiman and Whitman. But they're not the ones who have the harder part IMHO, that's for Terrence McNally to wrestle with.Who I also have faith in. Looking forward to this musical.


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