Andrew Lloyd Webber

has another musical project on his plate.

I'll tell you what I'd like on his plate.



I know!! Well, I wouldn't go so far as the poison, but I had just read this article, too, and was rather horrified, as well-- and even more so when I realized that this is not the upcoming version we were complaining about a few months ago, but yet ANOTHER Wizard of Oz show! Is every theatre on Broadway going to have a version of this story in it pretty soon! Come on people, let's be a little more creative!Part of what bothers me about this particular version is that it's not even a "new" retelling of the story; it's just the stage version of the movie with some changes being made and a few Andrew Lloyd Webber songs being added to it. If they really think this story is worth retelling, shouldn't they completely commit to creating their own unique version of it? (or just do a revival of the show as it is). --Melanie
Every time I see that picture of him, it scares the crap out of me. He looks like he's scheming...
Oh God, I can just imagine. Dorothy belting a ballad and the Witch killed by a falling chandelier.(Dies.)I do like some of his stuff, but DONT TOUCH THE CLASSICS!!
Oh, yes, and he's partnering with the ever-wonderful lyricist Glenn Slater, of Little Mermaid fame. -_-
@Melanie: Please don't tell me you're suggesting that Lloyd Webber try to write a brand new Wizard of Oz from scratch... oh god that's even worse...
Never fear--I would never endorse such a thing (i.e. "Lloyd Webber try[ing] to write a brand new Wizard of Oz from scratch"); I don't want to see/hear that either.

No! They already put Wizard of Oz on Broadway and it was called Wicked!


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