A Professional Production of Disney's Aladdin?

In Houston:
The dual-language production of Aladdin has been constructed so that Aladdin speaks only English, Princess Jasmine only Spanish, while Jafar will speak both languages, and Rajar the tiger and Abu the money will act as translators for the young lovers.
Yeah, so it's not a Broadway-bound one or anything. It's just ridiculous-bound.


Directed by Arthur Laurents?
O_o Because a talking tiger and monkey are totally part of the movie >_
Aladdin and Jasmine are from the same country: THEY WOULD SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE. And that language would sure as hell not be Spanish.
Spanish, Arabian... they're foreign, which makes them all the same.

(Really, since when was Disney racially aware?)
seems to be the trend these days, multi language productions. But wouldn't all that translation make the show even longer?
I expect a jihad from a none-too-pleased Arabic community.
@Anonymous: maybe that's the point? A 90-minute movie becomes a proper 2-act length when you add in an additional language....

@Steve: Disney's adding in a jihad as one of the new plot points, but to make it more Spanish friendly, the jihad is now a FIESTA! Mexicans like Fiestas, right? Good that Disney could sit up and notice that.


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