The 2009 Tony Awards: Abridged

The 2009 Tony Awards: Abridged

Special thanks to contributors Susanne K, Joel P, Jen H, Rachel P, Jac H, Jake B, and Eva B.

Next year, I'll actually have it done in time for the morning right after the Tonys.


Love it! Thought you should know though that you misspelled Poison ;)
Thanks. I think I misspelled some other things too, particularly some names...
Could be..:)
Oh and the in memory segment was actually "What I Did for Love" not Memory.
That one was actually a little bit of both.
Your abridgement was far better than the actual ceremony. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that NPH, arguably the best host the Tony's have had in years was also the most under-used host they've had in years.

Also, maybe the show wouldn't have gone over five minutes (causing my carefully set DVD to miss NPH's final song aka one of the best parts of the show) if they hadn't felt the need to pointlessly include songs from shows not even nominated this year!
True it did start out as Memory.
Was the sound guy really that bad?
(didn't watch :()
Was the sound guy really that bad?

No, I make stuff up because I find that "It's funny because it's true" never works.

Oh wait a minute...
From the moment Elton John's mic wasn't working on the first note of the Tony broadcast, the sound guy should have been fired it was so bad. And it just got worse.
Brilliant. Actually laughed out loud alone in my apartment at this. A sad admission, perhaps, but still true. Great job!
Nice description of Stockard Channing and Aaron "sldkjvnldskjv...!" Tveit.

I just about died several times while reading this.
I have to agree with you about NPH. When he was on, the show seemed to go more smoothly. Unfortunately, he was on way too little of the time.

Also, WHY did Legally Blonde get to perform? WHY?!


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