Hey cast. Now you have to sing a Monkees song

When I saw it, they played "I'm a Believer" at the curtain call.

Not by the Orchestra, mind you. By the audio system. Using the pre-recorded version.

So show of hands, who is going back this SHREKTEMBER just to watch poor Sutton Foster force a smile as she sings a Monkees song?


How early on did you see it, Gil? I saw it late in previews and I'm fairly certain that it was a live performance by the orchestra at that point. (A pretty nifty arrangement, for whatever it's worth.)
I'm still waiting for the TDF notice that doesn't say the seats are in the rear mezz.
December 18th last year, 4 days after opening. I swear it was the soundsystem and not the Orchestra, because I remember being disgusted by it. But maybe I was annoyed that Shrek the Musical felt a need to call back to the soundtrack.

Of course, it's possible my memory is really fuzzy and that the Orchestra played it. I wouldn't know; I had seats in the rear mezz. :P
Did you know that before it was a Monkees' tune, it was a Neil Diamond song? Diamond was actually its writer. Perhaps now we can finally get that Neil Diamond jukebox musical you've been dreaming about kick-started...


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