Musical sequels we NEED

As I originally commented on Spotlight Show And Stay:

MISS SAIGON 2: Kim and Chris’s son grows up and tries to find out about his parentage while getting caught up in a Second Vietnam War, discovering the truth about his penchant for expensive helicopters and a little lesson on how tasteful it is to perform in yellowface.

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 2: The Jews of Anatevka move to Orange County, CA. Will Tevye win the surfboarding competition? Which of his remaining daughters will become movie stars? And what will Yente do for a living now? Also works as a television sitcom with added laugh track.

RENT 2: Everybody grows the hell up and gets a damn job.


Your idea for Rent 2 is awesome, although I also love that classic scene from The Simpsons "Behind the Laughter" episode where Homer appears in "Rent 2: Condo Fever!" and does the old school, melodrama "Where is the Rent? I must have the Rent! Pennies, dimes and nickles, I want them all right now!"

Also, isn't Ragtime kind of Fiddler 2? I know Tateh is basically coming from the same situation as at the end of Fiddler, and if everyone but Bielke died at the end, it would be a nice setup.
I always thought that a West Side Story 2 could be interesting, if Maria had been pregnant with Tony's child at the end of part 1. Although I have a feeling that racial tensions would have returned to their previous state fairly quickly, and WSS2 would probably end up looking a lot like WSS1, even if the child was technically caught between both sides. Too bad Miss Saigon and Fiddler were both set in different time periods; otherwise you could maybe pair Maria/Tony's kid with either Kim/Chris's son or one of Golde/Tevye's daughters, and thereby make it a sequel to 2 shows at once!

Or we could find out what really happened to Louise in Carousel. . . .

Or how about Brigadoon 2? We could see Tommy find out how much he dislikes peasant life, doesn't fit in with the other villagers, and has nothing in common with Fiona after all. And we could hear him sing about the history of the world since Brigadoon first disappeared, to all the villagers who continue to regard him as some sort of freak side show. Perhaps during a scene change or something, we could also see Jeff getting interrogated by the authorities about his friend's mysterious disappearance. . . .

--Melanie (again)
I was in a production of Fiddler on the Roof a couple of years ago, playing Bielke (ie. the daughter no one cares about).

During Shprintze and my downtime (of which there was a lot of, because NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE OTHER TWO DAUGHTERS) We decided that when we came to America, Shprintze became a nun, and I became a lesbian. After all, the daughters have to become increasingly more "rebellious," right?
Hmmm... what about Spring Awakening 2? All the characters who didn't die can complain about their horny teen angst once more. (As an added bonus, Duncan Sheik will finally get some work again.)
Don't people call Rags a kind of sequel to Fiddler on the Roof?


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