Wait a minute...

The setting is New York City, where the Phantom runs the freak show at Coney Island. Christine, a renowned opera singer, is down on her luck, while her husband, Raul, is a drunk. Christine has a child, but whose child is it -- Raul's or the Phantom's?
Wait... Does that mean the Phantom of the Opera actually raped Christine while she was asleep in Act One?


I was actually wondering that myself. A friend of mine has actually read the bok on which this sequel is based and he told me something very interesting, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone actually interested in seeing this.
bok = book, of course :P
You're talking about this:


Which I keep hearing Phantom 2 is _not_based on, that in recent years ALW decided to leave that behind when doing the musical. But I don't think he left it behind entirely; it still seems like every time I hear a plot detail, it matches the book...
Yeah, I heard that too, but I'm not buying it. The plots seem far too similar, including the question of Christine's baby's daddy.

Also, I love how once again ALW has to make Raoul the asshole of the story.
ALW is simply digging himself into a deeper hole every minute closer this thing is getting produced...because either (a) Erik actually DID rape her with would turn most of the musical-loving world against their long time idoled deformed man or (b) Christine is a cheating harlot who faked innocence THE ENTRIE FIRST SHOW. Does he even REMEMBER the original story? AT ALL?

...and did he ACTUALLY spell Raoul's name RAUL?

I swear the musical world is coming to an end after this...THING is released.
i think all is going to depend in what you expect when seeing this show.

a gothic and moving love history?
or two hours of desperation i-want-to-see-my-name-linked-with-a-great-musical-again?

if you faced it for its comedic value, and don't try to see a thing called 'consistency', it's going to be okay...
and, honestly, what DOES it matter who is the father of Christine's child? Unless the kid starts doing magic tricks with smoke.
Oh my God, I want to see Christine's child shoot Mario-style fireballs out, just like the Phantom does.

Remember how effective that was in the new Superman movie when WAIT A SECOND PHANTOM DOESN'T HAVE MAGICAL GENETIC POWERS.
yeah, sure.

he's so going to hava e little monkey over his bed...

(i bet that the poor kid is going to be scare of a tablecloth, and be obsessed for...hm... his mom?
god knows that oedipus is an excellent plot point).
If the child is the Phantoms (I say if), the only way it could possibly turn out good is if it's like Susan Kay's "Phantom"...
Wait, didn't the Phantom die in that?
Forget it.
A musical who's source material is basically a published fan fiction on Webber's own show? Wow.


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