Broadway Pizza

Playbill reports that Two boots Pizza--actually one of my favorite Pizzas-by-the-slice in NYC--is going to be having a new monthly Pizza inspired by a Broadway Show. The first one celebrates "Finian's Rainbow" with BBQ Chicken pizza with tasso and green onions on a special green Sicilian crust.

I can't wait for...
  • BILLY ELLIOT PIZZA: Made from three separate cheeses that are exactly as good as each other. We swear. Please trust us.
  • OLEANNA PIZZA: Basically you choose any other delicious pizza, and we sell you a half a slice of it for the same price that you used to pay for a full slice.
  • GOD OF CARNAGE PIZZA: Used to be made with the best quality garden vegetables, but since they ran out we're using canned stuff and pretending you won't notice the difference.
  • LION KING PIZZA: Endangered Wildebeast meat with a special Kids sauce concocted mostly out of Jello.
  • PHANTOM OF THE OPERA PIZZA: It's just regular cheese, but made with imported french water from the underground opera river.
  • BYE BYE BIRDIE PIZZA: Tastes like shit.
Have you spotted any Broadway Pizzas recently?


How about Wicked pizza? It is regular except with a slight green tint and it costs $180.
Fiddler on the Roof pizza: It's kosher!
West Side Story pizza: Crust with the contents of a taco dumped on it.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels pizza: It tastes really good, but before you get the chance to eat it, it will be stolen from you. Along with your watch and/or jewelry.
A Steady Rain Pizza: You can buy the baker's undershirt after you eat it for a couple thousand bucks. Also, the cheese isn't visible at first, but once you start to think about it it emerges gradually, but its kinda shadowy. Then it reappears again. The rest of the time, it looks like the two pepperonis are just chillin' on bread.
[title of show] Pizza: Comes with an explanation as to how the pizza was made.
Next to Normal Pizza: A regular pepperoni pizza, then a 2 hour lecture on how eating meat is evil and to escape the problem you must go vegan


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