FELA ABRIDGED, plus 2 Contests!

Three things for today.

1. Yet another contest for the week. I have a free pair of tickets to give away to the Metropolitan Opera's limited engagement of HANSEL AND GRETEL on Monday, December 14th at 8pm.
If you can make it and you're interested, comment on this post and answer the question, As a person who's into theater, do you tend to see Opera? If not, why? Is it the content? The cost? The "elitism"? The way "story" and "acting" are treated? Just because I'm curious. Contest winners will be chosen entirely at random this Friday. Please make it possible for me to reach you so I don't have to randomly choose someone else!

2. BROADWAY ABRIDGED VOLUME 1 is available today as a full album or individual tracks, on both Amazon and iTunes. And you can win one of two free copies with the "Abridge a show in 125 characters or less" contest! CLICK HERE for more info on how to enter. Lots of hysterical entries so far.

3. Fela! opened last night. So, why not a Fela! Abridged?


I do love theatre, but haven't been to the opera very often. I think I'm a hint intimidated. Theatre feels accessible but opera has such a different feel....

I do tend to see opera so I can see people of different nationalities sing in languages other than their own. Also, the budget for operas is usually significantly bigger than the budget for musicals, and I enjoy spectacle in opera form.
I enjoy the opera occasionally but I see musicals much more often. I generally prefer contemporary and rock music to classical.
I love opera, but never get the chance to see it. However, I do perform in operettas with my local Gilbert and Sullivan company. :D

~ anne56@verizon.net
I am completely in love with opera and I see as much as possible. My first opera was Rigoletto and I was amazed. I wanted to go back immediately and did so two nights later for Madama Butterfly. I was so consumed by the music and acting that I completely forgot to watch the Met titles to know what they were singing.

To me, opera, especially at the Metropolitan Opera, is the ultimate musical theatre experience - the production values from costumes to sets to the orchestra to the singers are astounding. And since becoming a fan, I have learned about the years of training and the typle of strict lifestyle it takes to become among the world's best.

People think opera is high brow and expensive. But the truth is that opera is for anyone - you don't have to be an intellectual or a socialite. People dress in tuxedos or jeans - I've even seen a guy in sweat pants. You can make it the experience you want it to be. Also, at the Met and the NYC Opera, tickets can be unbelievable cheap - ranging from $20 all the way up to $300. The Met even has a weekday rush - 150 orchestra seats for $20! And, bonus, the cheap seats at the top of the house are the best for sound! Opera singers do NOT use microphones and hearing their voices rise up above the strains of the orchestra to that golden ceiling is heavenly.

Opera fans are from all walks of life and all over the world - go to the Met on any given night and you will see 4,000 people from down the block or from the far ends of the earth. It's practically a united nations right in the opera house.

Also, when you become an opera fan and begin learning the music, you will be very surprised to realize that opera is already all around us - tv and radio commercials, tv programs and of course, movie soundtracks.

I would say to anybody who is even in the least bit curious - just go, you have nothing to lose.
I've only been to operas a few times in my life, and while I loved the spectacle of seeing it onstage, I found the length of the productions a bit overwhelming. I felt the same way about seeing show over 4 hours on Broadway too; I have an average-to-good attention span, and I found myself confused by the myriad of plot devices (as well as my confusion that everyone kind of sounds alike and I couldn't distinguish character).

Although granted, I haven't been to an opera since I was 16 and that may have been a part of it.

I'm a big theatre fan, but tend to see musicals, for some reason. However, since I'm in college for set design, I've been seeing more things like operas and plays. I love going to see operas at the Met because of how grand their productions are from a technical standpoint. I usually only get to see one opera a year, though.



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