Addams Family, Too Expensive

Is anybody else complaining yet that Addams Family tickets are too expensive?

Do I get to be the first?


What the hell is a "Convenience Charge"? convenient that we are able to pay for tickets at all, therefore charge us for that as well?

And does Z 109 mean the back right hand corner of the stalls? Or is "Center of theatre" where that seat is located? do know that there will be cheaper tickets during previews, right? As well as discounts at some point. I also believe that theatre has standing room, which would be behind row Z. I'm also sure there would be rush tickets. As for the actual price, that's pretty standard. I believe Billy Elliot orchestra seats are that much.
Are we absolutely sure there'll be discounts during previews? Addams Family is a big enough name that we may not see much in the way of that. Like Billy Elliot.
Cheaper than Night Music and w/ Addams Family the cast is twice as large and there's a full orchestra; of course, Night Music is Sondheim.
The "pre-Broadway run" in Chicago has the top ticket price at $105, which is expensive for a play in Chicago, but kind of cheap for Broadway if they were $105. So, yes, they're expensive, just not as expensive as A Little Night Music.
Isn't that the standard top price now (Ticketmaster fees aside)?

I saw it in Chicago and got a good mezzanine seat for $65. There were also $45 and $20 tickets (not rush - regular buy-in-advance!). Hopefully they'll have a similar spread here. I wish more shows would do that. I don't care so much what the top price is, since people will pay it, as long as there's a reasonable bottom price too that isn't rush.


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