Why My "At The Booth" Android Purchase Was Worth It

Fellow Theater Blogger Ken Davenport released an Android version of the popular iPhone app "At The Booth" last month which, as you can guess, displays what shows are at the Times Square TKTS booth.  The release led to some ridiculous complaints (If TKTS is so annoyed, why can't they just release their own app) and I downloaded it because a) I was curious, and b) it was 99 cents.
What is useful for me is not the feature that it's advertised for, but for this:

The app lets you see all current Broadway shows and the addresses of the theaters they are in (regardless of whether the show is available at TKTS)
No longer do I need to write each show's address in my Google Calendar.  
And yeah, that's actually worth my 99 cents.


TKTS *is* releasing their own app, which I have seen at the TKTS Booth from one of the workers who had an advanced version. She also commented that it was coming in the next week. Perhaps you can download both and compare! TKTS's app is linked to their board, so you get real-time information. I can see why they would complain if someone was not giving accurate information in an unauthorized app...
Is it iPhone only? Or will TKTS realize that writing apps only for the iPhone and ignoring Blackberry/Android/MobileWeb is like writing apps only for Mac and ignoring Windows?
That said, I look forward to the TKTS booth information becoming widely-available so I can stop relying at stuff like this: http://www.entertainment-link.com/TKTS


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