Stephen Sondheim, meet Blue Screen of Death

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Katie was watching a screening of the New York Philharmonic's recent all-star version of the musical "Company" at her local Regal theater when the projection zonked out during a key song and was replaced by Microsoft's famed Blue Screen of Death. Due to satellite problems, they missed most of the rest of the performance. Management gave out passes for another movie...which was nice, but they weren't good for special events. 

Like, for example, the next screening of "Company".

As if I didn't have enough reasons already to wait for stuff like this to come out on DVD.

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I was greeted with another electronic sight much to my amusement, in montreal where I was watching the nyPhil's company, at the end of the showing, the 'Blu-Ray DVD player' icon popped up. We'd just been shown everything on disc.


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