Contest for Free Godspell Ticket: How did you first discover Stephen Schwartz?

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  3. Comment on this post a little bit about the first time you were introduced to Stephen Schwartz's music.  Was it hist later success in Wicked (like, I assume, the vast majority of America)?  Was it his early success in Pippin?  Or something in between, film or stage?  Make sure to sign your comment with your twitter handle.
Contest ends Friday, February 3rd at 7PM, and I'll choose a winner totally at random.  You can only enter once.

So the first time I was introduced to Stephen Schwartz?  I didn't get to know his music from Pippin or Children of Eden or Working or even Godspell; I'm pretty sure the first time I heard anything by him was Pocahontas.  Not even the actual Pocahontas movie, but the preview for it on the Lion King VHS.  It was basically the entire Colors of The Wind scene from the film, end to end, and it was pretty damn impressive as a preview of Disney's follow-up to Lion King.

I never saw Pocahontas in theaters due to word-of-mouth.  But years later I was working on something for Disney that required I be intimately familiar with the majority of Disney's feature animated films, so I finally watched Pocahontas.  The film was god-awful despite a good score.  Colors of the Wind was the same wonderful montage song from the preview that showed nature and friendship blossoming, a perfect compliment to Schwartz's song.  But at the very end of the film, when John Smith and Pocahontas share a tearful goodbye, the movie cuts to a flashback montage of all the wonderful times they'd had, and most of it is comprised of the scenes from the Colors of the Wind montage!

On a positive note, my favorite Stephen Schwartz music?  Possibly the stuff he did for Prince of Egypt.  Practically forgotten and, sadly, often underrated.


"When You Believe" from PRINCE OF EGYPT was my JAM. I loved that song so much I sang it in a talent show with my bunkmate at camp. I was Whitney and she was Mariah (although we both idolized MC) and we rocked that mutha out. I think that was my first exposure to Schwartz, followed by CHILDREN OF EDEN when a few of my friends starred in a community theatre production. Then I started hearing "Lost in the Wilderness" every day.
'Pocahontas' would also have been my musical introduction to Schwartz...although I actually loved the movie, heh. Saw it on the big screen at least twice, I think! I also own the cd, naturally, because I love Judy Kuhn's voice, for starters, as well as the lovely score. (I also enjoyed Irene Bedard's work as the speaking voice of Pocahontas.) I still love to belt out "Just Around The Riverbend" and "Colors of the Wind", in my best Kuhn impression, from time to time...and I admit parts of that movie made me cry.
(I'm @ladystardust25 on Twitter.)
I was introduced to Stephen through The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Pocahontas, my dad took me to see Hunchback when I was 6 and it is my favorite Disney movie. I also loved singing Colors of the Wind as a little one. I actually remember watching The Prince of Egypt in Sunday School and I love the song Deliver Us, I think it's one of his best songs. One of the reasons I actually got into theatre was obviously Wicked, I saw it when I was 13 and of course, I loved the show. From that point on, his songs kept sporadically appearing in my life mostly through the community theater revue shows and summer camps I did.
I was actually a part of Godspell in High School and have LOVED his work ever since. @beDONce
My first exposure, like most people was Wicked. Such a different approach, so imaginary, so fun-how could you not enjoy his work! I knew other random songs here and there, but Wicked was my first full piece that I got to experience!
So The First time I found Stephen Schwartz was when i was in theatre camp and everyone was going crazy for wicked and i had no idea what it was. When i got back from camp i bought the cd. I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MUSIC AND LYRICS. I would put on shows in my formal living room, costumes, lights, and sing defying gravity on a ladder, at 11 years old hitting every note! Then i found Pippin and couldnt stop singing that. From there i could not stop my love affair with Stephen Stephen Schwartz. He truely knows what he is doing with music! He knows how to capture people and make them fall in love with that music!
My first introduction to Stephen Schwartz's music was Pippin on Broadway with Ben Vereen. I was a young girl at the time and it was truly wonderful!! @instepmom.
I saw Wicked, and growing up in Kansas, it rocked my world and changed my whole thought on OZ. When I saw Godspell, I was moved emotionally and spiritually. All I do now is dream about Godspell and Stephen Schwart's amazing music, I can't wait to see it again! @lizymae
Like many, my first exposure to Stephen Schwartz's music was in Wicked. It was the second Broadway show I ever saw! I will always credit it with being the musical that made me fall in love with theatre. (@kadelrossi)
My first introduction to Stephen Schwartz's work was my sophomore year of high school when our school performed Pippin and I just adored it. I wasn't involved with the production, but I loved watching my friends on stage creating the magic of the story. (@lindsayhartman)
My high school did a production of godspell and I loved it! (@efusting)
Not me! I first heard Stephen Schwartz's music when I saw a touring version of "Godspell" when I was in high school (late 90s, I think). Of course, at the time, I didn't have any idea who Stephen Schwartz was or that he had written the music, but I did completely fall in love with the score and the lyrics, despite my religious ambivalence. I still listen to the soundtrack regularly just so I can sing along (they're GREAT songs, you have to admit-- even in the "modern" take on them), and as I type I have "Prepare Ye..." stuck in my head!
forgot to add my twitter! @eleanoram
My high School did Pippin my freshman year. The 2 teachers who usually direct the school shows were both out on sabbatical so we had others come in just to run the musical. about a week into rehearsal we had noticed that the cast was huge and asked if anyone had been cut, and we were told no. So a few of us for various reasons dropped out. How could we know if we should have been there if everyone who auditioned got in. That said I still know my harmony part from Morning Glow 20 years and change later
I would say the first thing I ever saw that introduced me to the musical theater world would have been Wicked. I had seen many shows prior but there was something about this show that moved me and brought an unique aspect to it that I had never seen before and for that I am so grateful for Stephen Schwartz and being able to listen to more of his scores. @brian_sheola
I believe it was Wicked. Just love the music in that show. @randigoblue
I would imagine I was in the sweet spot for Pocahontas, being around 6 or so when it came out and owning it on VHS, but the first show that really made me aware of who he is as a composer was probably Working, because my high school did the show for its secondary musical my sophomore year. I didn't get in to the show, but I saw it, and in my arrogance didn't really care for it, and I still think it has pretty big problems as a concept. But now I like a lot of the score, and admire that it brought so many composers together. It's cool that Schwartz had such ambition and wanted to try something new. (@andytgerm)
Many many years ago I was in show choir and we sang "Corner of the Sky" as a ballad and I had absolutely no clue where it came from, I just liked it. It was probably a few years later that I learned about Pippin and the origin of the song I loved so much. Then it was "Lost in the Wilderness" from Children of Eden that became my new fave, and the entire Godspell album. Confession? I DESPISE Wicked and think it's his weakest score to date. But I loves me some Jesus and the all-star cast of Godspell!
oh my twitter is @movidude74
Thought it was Wicked but I guess it was Colors of the Wind, and you're right, probably from The Lion King preview!
My first introduction to Stephen Schwartz's music was listening to the cast recording of Wicked. (@KrayonL)


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