Blithe Spirit: Tweeted

                               BLITHE SPIRIT: TWEETED
                           A @BwayAbridged Script. Sorta.
                                                          By Gil Varod

RupertEverett OMG guys Angela Lansbury's gonna tell fortunes.
JayneAtkinson Xcept we think she iz a quack! Wanna come?
WalterCronkitesDtrInLaw I can haz attend?
SimonJones I also can haz attend?
OldAndWith5Tonys is having a cucumber sandwich. THE BEST!
SimonJones hey did u knows I was @ in Hitchhikers on BBC radio n TV?! its true!
OldAndWith5Tonys I iz gonna contact dead ppl k? small child helps.
OldAndWith5Tonys also grammofone. I heart grammofone!
JayneAtkinson lol @, ur dance is totes hilarious.
OldAndWith5Tonys hey, can everyone hear da dead ppl banging on table, from seance?
JaneAtkinson yup we all did! so howc'm we still don't believe u is rly fortune tellr, @?
OldAndWith5Tonys oh I dunno. I is gunna dance more ok?
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RupertEverett no! She iz my DED WIFE!
JayneAtkinson WTF?
RupertEverett Follow @!
JayneAtkinson @ Twitter says user not exist. FailWhale mebbe?
RupertEverett @ no 4 serius she gotz an account!
OldAndWith5Tonys guyz howcome I dont gots more linesssss
DeadCrstneEbersl @ omg I missed you!
RupertEverett @ I swer she's there! Look!
DeadCrstneEbersl ok i'll move stuff n make it fly around
JayneAtkinson holyshit stuff iz flyingz! i dunnah believe
OldAndWith5Tonys come on gimme more linesssssssssss
RupertEverett @ when u died u were rly young howcome now u not young now?
DeadCrstneEbersl @ dat wuz many years ago. i iz older now.
RupertEverett @ But @ was talking to little girl. lil girl not growd up. I thought dead dont age.
RupertEverett iz confoosed.
DeadCrstneEbersl mebbe i iz too old for part? i iz funny tho.
RupertEverett @ totes!
OldAndWith5Tonys more linesssssssssss or i dunnah get a tony! :(
DeadCrstneEbersl can I sing when curtain iz down?
RupertEverett @ ok!
JayneAtkinson @ howcome @ came back frm dead?
OldAndWith5Tonys @ cuz someone wanted her come back frm dead! maybe @?
RupertEverett No is not me! I dunnah want @ here!
JayneAtkinson @ U don't look like you dunnah want her here. u don't look upset @ all! RU lying or RU just crappy acting?
RupertEverett @ mebbe boff? heh heh
DeadCrstneEbersl @ where went @?
RupertEverett @ she's took car. vroom vroom. y u ask?
DeadCrstneEbersl OMG I wanted u ded cuz I was lonely! insted i killd @!
OldAndWith5Tonys Dead person killed living person? WTF?
RupertEverett my wife died, but still i iz so calm. i gonna go nap nap.
SimonJones # @ @ @ @ @.
OldAndWith5Tonys From ud never know dis is dark comedy about bimbo blonde coming back frm dead who wants 2 kill hr husband cuz shes lonely.
OldAndWith5Tonys marketing FAIL.
THE_REAL_SHAQ It takes 2 to make the things go right Bun ba bun bun It takes 2 to make it outta sight Ba ba bun bun Rob base
DeadJayneAtknsn I change my twitter name. S'ok, Twitter updates follow 4 u!
RupertEverett @ howcome @ here now? :(
OldAndWith5Tonys @ i think @ here cuz you want her here. can't tell. mebbe if u acted harder?
OldAndWith5Tonys @ no.
DeadJayneAtknsn i wanna go to dead ppl world.
DeadCrstneEbersl @ me too! looks awesome. but how we leave?
OldAndWith5Tonys @ @ We need find person who made u 2 come here. o hallo @
RupertEverett was not me!
RandomServant o it was me. lol i bumped into table.
DeadCrstneEbersl wtf deux ex machina
OldAndWith5Tonys OK now I blocked @ @
RupertEverett Me too! I iz gonna go vacationz k?
DeadCrstneEbersl I is angry! I gunna shake bookcases!
DeadJayneAtknsn o me too. I gunna drop Chandelier.
DeadRprtEverett I changed my twitter name. S'ok, Twitter updates follow 4 u!
Chandelier nono I only droppd 2 feet is ok.
RupertEverett @ oh my bad i thought u was gonna kill me
OprahInMyPants Woke up smiling. Hugh Jackman is on Friday live in my pants with us!
RupertEverett hey everyone change ur profile pic purple 4 my 2 ded wifes!
WalterCronkitesDtrInLaw everyone change ur profile pic purple 4 @'s 2 ded wifes!
SimonJones everyone change ur profile pic purple 4 @'s 2 ded wifes!
OldAndWith5Tonys ugh howcome its not working
Twitter will be down for maintenance for the next hour. Again. Regardless of the fact that we are the biggest thing on this side of the internet, we still cannot get our shit together.

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