Rock n' Roll: Abridged

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Did you do what I did last night? Did you go to another Tom Stoppard Show? Just so you can remind yourself that you're not a member of Mensa?

Good, I'm glad you didn't, because I did it for you:

On another note: I have ads on because I had room to put them on the side. Nobody really clicks them, because they're relatively unobtrusive (by design). But I'm curious if I'd actually make money if people clicked on them.

So if you've ever enjoyed an abridge on this site, whether it's Rock n' Roll Abridged or [probably] something else, do me a favor and click on any ad on the right, just this once, and then by all means please close the window and do not buy the scalped tickets that it links to. Help me pay for my domain name this year!

(And if you're reading via RSS, just head to the main page or any abridge to find the ads on the right. Only takes a second. )

1 Comment

I found no ad on the right side. On the other hand, I enjoy reading your abridged script very much. It's hilarious. Keep writing them.


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