Winner of Opera Contest

My ridiculously random way of choosing the winner of the Opera contest was to go through all of the comments, turn the "@" into spaces, and take last word in each one. Then, because I was always at the end of the alphabet myself, the winner was the one that came last alphabetically.

Congratulations Melissa, but shame on you for using Verizon for e-mail. Anyway, if I don't hear from Melissa by end of day Monday, then Robin's next up.

The comments were interesting, and as I'm seeing Hansel and Gretel as my first Opera in a good 3 or so years, I'm sure I'll have some comments the week after next...


Aw, it's an honor to come in second... and now I'm really glad I stopped using AOL. Let me know; I showed my opera-hating boyfriend pictures from the piece and he actually looked excited. Anyway, congratulations Melissa and I'll proudly accept the silver medal.

Haha, thanks Robin!!!

I actually am in shock right now, as I never win anything in my life, especially when it comes to online contests. xD But really, Verizon was not my choice. Blame my parents.

Yay! Humperdinck's music is GORGEOUS. But the production is WEIRD. I still don't understand how the Met considers it family friendly - perhaps for the children of sadists. Anyway, it's worth seeing it if at least to hear the music. Miah Persson and Angelika Kirchschlager are Hansel and Gretel - I've heard them both sing in other operas and they are magnificent. I saw Philip Langridge as the witch before - he makes an extremely creepy witch but his voice is tops.


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