Broadway Abridged Live: The Little Mermaid

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Every once in awhile, I get together with Michael Gilboe and a couple of voice actors to record alternate "radio edition" versions of my scripts under the name "Broadway Abridged: Live!" for the Broadway Bullet podcast. This time, for
The Little Mermaid Abridged
Disney On Ice!... On Heelys!
I decided to take a backseat on voice acting and just let Randall Meehl, Rachel Pincus, Steven Olender, Jaclyn Huberman and Michael Gilboe run with it. Mermaid was the most fun "radio script" yet, and I think it shows. Everyone is great; but the highlight for me might have been learning that Randall could do a Mickey Mouse voice.

You can either subscribe to the Broadway Bullet Podcast on iTunes for episode 316, or download episode 316 as an MP3. The episode also includes Producers of VANITIES Randy Adams and Sue Frost, cabaret artist JENNA ESPOSITO, and the director and co-managing director of EBE ENSEBLE to discuss their new show, PRE-DISPOSAL. Enjoy!

Classic Broadway Abridged Scripts

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This one seemed a lot slower than the others... the pace kinda dragged... your lines are brilliant as always, but the space between them was too much.
Thanks for sharing!


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