Broadway Abridged Live: West Side Story

If you're new to Broadway Abridged, you may not be aware that occasionally we get a hamful of actors into the Broadway Bullet studio to record a Radio Show version called Broadway Abridged: Live! If you're old to Broadway Abridged, then you made me type more words than I had to today, and I resent you for it.

Rachel Pincus, Jaclyn Huberman, Steven Olender and Randall Meehl provide the voices for West Side Story Abridged, or, High School (Spanish) Musical, with Michael Gilboe as your friendly neighborhood narrator.

You can subscribe to the Broadway Bullet Podcast, or you can download the MP3 of episode 324 directly (we're at about an hour and a minute in, following Daniel Jenkins and Robert Stanton from Love Child, Andrew Goffman and Charles Messina from The Accidental Pervert, Dan Fortune from Lush and Lively, and James Larocca and Peter Sabri from Panang).

And while I have your attention:

New digital album BROADWAY ABRIDGED LIVE VOLUME 1: EVEN MORE MUSICALS drops on November 24th on Amazon and iTunes (no link there yet). Features ~10 minute versions of Wicked, West Side Story (yes, even though it's not on the cover), Spring Awakening, Les Miserables, Little Mermaid and A Chorus Line. It's one full hour of snark in a convenient digital package.

And hey, come back tomorrow, and we'll abridge some Superior Donuts, k?

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I know what I'm putting on my Christmas list!
I can't wait. Les Miserables was soooo good.


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Volume 1: Even More Musicals comedy album available for sale on iTunes/Amazon.